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Welcome to our school website.  Use the buttons to the left to find out the information you need or click where you see a link.  Our school diary contains information on what's happening in school, you can read and download our newsletters from the newsletter area and the Information section has documents, forms and other information.  The Pupil Voice button will give you an insight into the work of some of our groups at LPS.  Our TWITTER feed has regular news, information and photos from staff and pupils.


If you would like to know more about getting involved in school, the Parents section has further information.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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What's happening at LPS this week?




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 The Parent Council would really like to gather opinions about food in school. We would like as broad a range of responses as possible so if you're happy, unhappy or indifferent about this issue please help us by taking one or both of our online surveys below - one is about school meals and the other about food education and events. They are multiple choice and should only take a few minutes. Thank you!

If you would like to get involved with this initiative please contact Magali Redding at  

School Meals

Breakfast club, events and food education

Please take part in our survey about starting a Credit Union at Linlithgow Primary School. Click on the image below to begin - it will only take a few minutes!



This week's Diary



3.30 - Netball



P6 - Cross Country at Peel


1.00 - 4.00 P3B - Parents' Afternoon

2.30 - Eco Meeting

7.00 - PSA Meeting



3.20 - Gala meeting in Nursery

6.00 - 9.00 P3B Parents' Evening


AM - P7 Rugby



Achievement Assembly

P6 Cycle Training

P6 & P7 Football trials



At LPS we respect ourselves and others by following the Golden Goals


LPS Calendar of events

A list of all important dates and upcoming school events for this session can be found in the LPS calendar by clicking the image to the left or selecting Calendar @ LPS from the side buttons.


Parents @ LPS

LPS has an active Parent Council which incorporates a fund-raising PSA group. 


The Parent Council is the link between the parents and the school.  All parents are automatically members of the Parent Council and are welcome to attend Parent Council meetings and have their say.


Click on the image on the left for more information on how you can be more involved in your Parent Council and PSA.


Linlithgow Palace Guide Tours


Primary 7 pupils at LPS volunteer and are trained to deliver guided tours of Linlithgow Palace to school groups. 


Schools interested in a tour of the Palace by our Junior Palace Guides can find more information and book a tour in the Palace Guides section or by clicking the image to left.


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